Distance from Anantya: 25 Kms

Drive Time: 30 min

Excursion Time: 3 hours

Essentials: Flip flops, casual wear, sun screen, sun glasses

Tip: Bottle of Water, Hats. Comfortable Cotton Casuals.

Asia’s largest wooden Palace, which was the seat of the Travancore kingdom. Exemplar of the simple, aesthetic and functional appeal of Kerala architecture. The Padmanabhapuram palace complex is Asia’s largest wooden Palace complex. It is a collection of 14 separate palaces within a 4 km long granite fort. The Kings of Travancore ruled from this Palace until the capital shifted to Trivandrum. This non-ostentatious palace is a fine example of Kerala architecture. When you visit, you will be struck by the simple, but yet aesthetic appeal of the Palace. You will walk through a traditional Padipura and enter the Palace grounds (you will be asked to leave your footwear outside). Inside, you will find the elegant structures that were built between the 17th and 18th century. You will find walls with intricate wood latticework and granite pillars, carved rosewood ceilings, and ornate brass lamps hanging from the ceiling. Walk into the “mantrasala” or the King’s council chamber to see the most beautiful part of the complex. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by woodwork – Wooden walls, pillars, and seats. The light filtering through the wooden windows will draw you back to another era. Leaving you dreaming of the life of the Kings! The palace complex has many other unique and notable features: a meditation room with two lamps that have burned since the time the palace was constructed, the King’s bed chamber with a bed made from 64 different types of medicated wood, a clock tower with a 300-year old functioning clock, and a secret passage (unfortunately now blocked) for the royal family to escape to another palace in case of an attack. The palace complex is closed on Mondays. Last entry is at 4:00 PM.