Balaramapuram Weavers

Distance from Anantya: 30 Kms | Drive Time: 40 min | Excursion Time: 1-2 hours

Tip: Combine into your drive from or to Trivandrum
Balaramapuram, a small town in Kerala is the weaving center for the handwoven cloth worn by generations of Maharajas, the royal family of Travancore and the people of Kerala. Here you will meet the weavers who painstakingly create these understated elegant off-white cloth with its beautiful golden zari “dhothi” for men and the “settu-mundu” that a Kerala bride wears on her wedding day.

Temple Jewelery

Distance from Anantya: 45 Kms | Drive Time: 1 hr | Excursion Time: 1-2 hrs

Tip: Combine into your drive from or to Madurai
Meet the artisans who hand make traditional pieces of jewellery that adorn the idols of goddesses in temples, the Bharatanatiyam dancers, and brides on their wedding day. Visit is to a 5th generation artisan who is striving to keep his art alive when the younger generation wants to move away to bigger cities and take up desk jobs.