Anantya means the infinite. The logo is a lotus rising from the infinite. The use of the lotus in the logo is an ode to the many lily ponds and lotus ponds in the areas around the resort. The symbolism of the lotus in Hinduism is another reason that it was used as part of the logo. The lotus grows out of mud. A flower of purity and beauty that emerges from dirt. It also symbolizes the strive of man to rise above and reach the divine.


Anantya By The Lake, is a tranquil resort on the bank of Chittar Lake, at the border of Southern Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This is a boutique 31 cottage property nestled among the tall rubber trees of the plantation countryside of Kanyakumari District.  

The resort is ideal for the experiential traveller, those who want to simply rest and relax and those who want to engage in a variety of experiences. The resort was conceived and designed to be minimalistic, eco-friendly, and adhering to the principles of sustainable tourism. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lawrie Baker and Jeffery Bawa, the resort was constructed using eco friendly materials. You will see mud plastered walls, un-plastered exposed brick work, shutter finish un-plastered roofs, cement oxide floors, gravel pathways. Common areas are large, open, with high ceilings, tiled roofs, oxide floors all of which help with maintaining a cool atmosphere, instead of relying on energy consuming and environmentally impacting air conditioning.  

Every cottage or villa has something special to offer our guests, with large verandas to watch the shimmering lake, indoor and outdoor bathtubs, outdoor showers, Jacuzzis for a private soak, and the ultimate in luxury private plunge pools.  

Lounge and relax, meditate, practice yoga, indulge in Ayurveda treatments, take long hikes on trails under the tall rubber trees, journey through the forest and meet the Kaani tribals, experience their unique lifestyle, eat forest fruits that you will never see on store shelves, drive to the tip of India and see the sun rise out of the ocean and set into the ocean, meet the devi whose anger created the coloured sands of the beaches, explore “Old Travancore” and hear the tales of its illustrious king and much more. With so much more to experience, Anantya By The Lake lives up to its name “the endless.”

Come discover for yourself why Anantya By The Lake is Travancore’s best kept secret!